Durable investments

Our infrastructure debt strategy pursues long-term, durable opportunities for our investors. Our portfolio has evolved naturally over the years to reflect increased investor interest in renewables and digital infrastructure.

Strong and steady growth

€11 bn1
more than €11 billion under management
20 1
average years of team members’ experience

Proven resilience

AXA IM Real Assets is a tier-one player in infrastructure debt with exposure to a global network of banks and prime sponsors, and a proven capacity to raise capital.

Essential services

We have always sought to invest in sustainable assets and provide an essential, long-term service.

Predicting trends

Societies evolve as consumer behaviour changes. We use our experience and on-the-ground knowledge to detect new trends, enabling us to spot opportunities and maintain our reputation as market leaders.

Expert judgement

Our senior team members can draw from 20+ years of shrewd financial decision-making, enabling them to make the right calls based on experience – and expertise.

Equity for infrastructure

Discover infrastructure private equity

We pursue equity in essential infrastructure projects to help build a resilient and sustainable portfolio.

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ESG debt strategy

Our investment strategy is aligned with the AXA Group’s net-zero goals. We prioritise investments in renewable energy and digital infrastructure, to help provide the foundation for a low-carbon future.

Responsible actors

Our environmental, social and good governance convictions provide the framework for our investment decisions, enabling us to invest in long-term, essential services that contribute to positive global impact.

Supporting change

As the world transitions to a low-carbon future, we help provide the debt necessary to finance strong, resilient and sustainable global infrastructure – for tomorrow and for generations to come.

Fair for all

Environmental risks and concerns of our infrastructure projects must be carefully managed, and proper remediation conducted when necessary. This remains at the forefront of our decision-making when it comes to selecting projects and partners.

Telecoms focus

We invested in one of the leading European fibre-to-home players, which uses proprietary mapping technology to identify underserved areas and build network penetration.

Expanding coverage

With most key services shifting online and remote working on the rise, we help to finance ultra high-speed broadband to B2C and B2B customers in rural areas where connectivity is limited.

Consistent growth

The company is growing fast, with substantial increases in the number of homes covered by its network and in the revenue its network generates.

Expertise in infrastructure

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Our dedicated infrastructure debt and equity teams combine experience with expertise to make decisions with real impact.

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Risk Warning
No assurance can be given that our strategies will be successful. Investors can lose some or all of their capital invested.


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    ESG Disclaimer

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